Thursday, July 7, 2011

Here we grow again!

Its been awhile! I was thinking today that it is time to get back into this blogging! I think I will start with some updating! So here it goes.

We have been back in California for a little over a year now. We loved living in Hawaii but the VOG was making Coral and the rest of the family sick. So we packed up and moved back to Cali. We are now waiting for our 6th baby. And yes this one is a Boy!! This will be a big change from a house of 5 girls.

We still fill our days with homeschooling, Church and whatever family fun we can. Life here in California is a much faster pace and we find that after living in Hawaii it can be hard to keep up. Really we don't want to keep up. We try to live our slower relaxed life here!

Wayne is still working as an HVAC tech. He has also started Bee keeping. That has been exciting and something he is enjoying. We will be selling honey and Bees wax ect... soon hopefully.

The girls are healthy and growing fast. I have 2 more years before Courtney and Caitlin Graduate high school. and next year Candice will start High school, this year Coral starts K, so we are very busy.

So there you go all updated! I will be trying to post more now that we are a bit setteled now!
Hope you will stop by and say hi!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Apple picking is for next weekend!

This weekend didn't go as I had planned. And I need to tell you that I don't like it when plans don't work out. But it wasn't a total bust. After church on Sunday we went to the beach as a family. What did we see???....

Well, In the water there you can see a fin, it is the fin of a ray, not a manta, we are still looking into what kind it was. While Wayne and i were snorkeling one came right next to us, and we saw 2 more in another spot close by. Yes, it did freak me out a bit, But it is still cool to see all the things God has created!
Here Chloe was eating the rocks on the beach. We tried to stop her, mostly she just tasted them! She is a determined one i tell ya!

Here are two of my babies the oldest and the youngest.

Remember i said Chloe id determined, well, she loves the ocean! Good thing her daddy had a good hold on her!

And Coral, She is such a ham. She also loves the ocean and the sand. Good thing since we are surrounded by it.

Courtney likes to find the high spots of any beach trips we take, Here she is jumping off the lava into the ocean.

Here is a great picture f Wayne just as he hits the water. Courtney an Caitlin are watching.

We are now back at home, and our sunflower has really taken off, we now have a flower and not just a long stem.

Here is one of our chickens.

Here Coral is looking for any strawberries she can find.

Caitlin stood next to the sunflower so you can have an idea of how tall it is. She is 5 foot 4 inches and the flower is taller than she is!
So even though we didn't go apple picking this weekend we did keep busy. We topped off the weekend visiting the bee farm in Naalehu, and getting some Honey and Papaya.
Hope your weekend was as productive as mine!

And the winner is!!

And the winner is Linda!! I will be getting those goodies out to you soon!!
Thanks for commenting linda.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

My New Projects!

My Husband is really into bee stuff right now! So I am now making stuff with bees wax in it. The honey and wax I am using is made here in Hawaii by Hawaiian bees themselves. Imagine that! from what I understand the wax and honey made here in Hawaii is desired all over the world. Hawaii ships thousands of pounds of honey everywhere! Anyway all this to tell you I am giving away 3 tubes of my Hawaiian beeswax lip balm that I made myself and am going to be listing on my Etsy store. So if you would like to win 3 lip balms from Hawaii just leave me a comment and I will be picking a winner at random on Friday September 7th.

Whats in the lip balm you ask? Pure beeswax, vitamin e oil, sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil, and one of three essential oils (tangerine oil, spearmint oil, or Candy cane oil) That it! all Natural! Then I placed them n nice little blue lip balm Tubes.
I will also be selling pure Hawaiian bees wax for your own crafting needs at my etsy store! So check it out!



It's been a while but I'm back, Here's what we've been up to!

I wanted to share some pics of our family as we have changed a little. Everyone is growing and having fun living here in Hawaii. We do love living here even though we miss family greatly. And we admit we have talked about moving back to the mainland, but tha fact is we can't imagine leaving Hawaii! So here we stay.
We still home school the girls and have been very busy with that, and love it. It can be quite difficult with a 2 year old and a 8 month old but we manage, and the girls are a great help. they love their baby sisters! Wayne is still driving to Kona everyday for work, and is happy to be in Hawaii, He is trying to convince me to get bees, for honey,and wax and such. He wants to start a business with bees. We will see how that goes.
So that is my little update on our family, here are some pics.

Chloe decided to take a little nap after playing in the water and sand.

this is Candice getting ready to jump off this rock into the ocean.
Here Wayne, Chloe and I have a picture taken by Caitlin, She loves to play around with her camera.

a picture of Chloe and I.

Here are all the girls lined up for mom so I could take this pic.

Chloe loves the beach, She really loves the water, the last time i took her to the beach she played in the water until She feel asleep in my arms while we were still in the water. That's to be expected when your born in Hawaii!

Here Candice is teaching Coral to surf, By the end of this time Coral was riding in waves on her belly all by herself! She was also standing on the board by herself, Maybe she will be the next pro girl surfer!

And here Chloe and I let Caitlin take a picture of us standing next to the water.

Coral decided to bury herself in the sand yesterday!
well that's it for now.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Im back on line!!

Oh man its been a while! But I am now back on line. Lots of stuff to share but that will have to come a little at a time. I need to catch up on my blog reading first! Chat with ya all soon.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Chloe Is Here.

So here she is:

She looks alot like all the girls but the most like her dad!

Many of you already now, but Chloe did arrive on December 30th, 2008. She is healthy and cute and a really easy going baby. These are not the best pictures but they are what i have for now. I will try to post when I can I don't have Internet right now, hopefully soon.